Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Akashdeep Performance On 21st July

Akashdeep : For daily task for food today Akashdeep had gone to performs. He Perform very well and won all 9 Stars thats means food for every body. He put his 100% efforts in the task, the task was really very surprising, he has to wear a helmet....than they start putting worm in helmet for 1st Minute, In second Minute they put some ants in helmet, In third minute they put different types of raptiles, in forth minute they put grass-hoppers, in fifth minute they put scorpios in the helmet and inlast minute they put snakes. Akash face was completely covered with these animals, its really very hard to breath for him, and the worm and other animals are bitting him on his neck and face. But even in all these worst conditions Akashdeep survives and won. That was amazing...........

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